Blog Tour Schedules

Read Between the Lines  Nov 12
Happily Ever Chapter  Nov 12
Wolf Paw Reviews, Edits and PA Nov 13
SJ's Book Blog Nov 14
Fabulous and Fun  Nov 15
Jazzy Book Reviews Nov 16
The Geekery Book Review Nov 17
Books + Coffee = Happiness Nov 18
Love Bytes Nov 19
Schadoh's Ramblings and Other Chaotic Mess Nov 20
Kimmers Erotic Book Banter Nov 21
My World Nov 22
Dante Eternal's Virtual Bookshelf Nov 23
Between the Pages One Book at a Time Nov 25
The Lotus Tea and Reading Room Nov 26
Read Between the Lines Nov 18
Nerdy Dirty and Flirty Nov 18
Cupcakes and Bookshelves Nov 19
My World Nov 20
Jazzy Book Reviews Nov 21
Between the Pages One Book at a Time Nov 22
Fabulous and Fun Nov 23
Dante Eternal's Virtual Bookshelf Nov 24
Schadoh's Ramblings & Other Chaotic Mess Nov 25
Love Bytes Dec 3
Two Chicks Obsessed Dec 3
Cupcakes and Bookshelves Dec 3
My World Dec 4
SJ's Book Blog Dec 4
Books+Coffee=Happiness Dec 5
Schadoh's Ramblings & Other Chaotic Mess Dec 5
The Geekery Book Review Dec 5
Dante Eternal's Virtual Bookshelf Dec 6
Happily Ever Chapter Dec 6
Wolf Paw Dec 7
Fabulous and Fun Dec 7
Jazzy Book Reviews Dec 8
Amazeballs Book Addicts Dec 8
Between the Pages One Book at a Time Dec 9
Amazeballs Book Addicts Dec 9
Nerdy Dirty and Flirty Dec 9
Two Chicks Obsessed Dec 10
SJ's Book Blog Dec 10
Fabulous and Fun Dec 10
My World Dec 11
Lynn's Romance Enthusiasm Dec 11
Love Bytes Dec 12
Jazzy Book Reviews Dec 13
Happily Ever Chapter Dec 13
Dante Eternal's Virtual Bookshelf Dec 14
Wolf Paw Dec 15
Schadoh's Ramblings and Other Chaotic Mess Dec 15
Between the Pages One Book at a Time Dec 16

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