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RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions
Tour Host FAQ.

Please add to your address book so it doesn't go to spam when I contact you with invites. 

All REVIEW COPIES will be provided to you if you sign up for a tour with RBTL Book Promotions and agree to do a Review.
MEDIA/PRESS KITS and REVIEW COPIES will be supplied in a timely manner prior to Tour START! 

I aim to only have 3+ Star Ratings on Blog Tours. If you read a book and do not feel you can give at least 3 stars, please let me know and I can change you to a PROMO ONLY! I in no way want you to feel pressured to give a 3+ Star Rating (I understand that everyone’s taste is different), the Author uses our company for promotion and NEGATIVE Promotion is not exactly what they are aiming for. So if you can post a PROMO only, that is ideal. The other option would be for you to remove yourself from the tour (Please let me know if this is the option you would prefer.)

Please everyone remember to send CONFIRMATION of PRESS KITS, REVIEW COPIES, & TENTATIVE SCHEDULES as they are received and you understand your requirements. It is also very important to send me your Creative Post, Guest Post Topic and/or Interview Questions if you are signed up for these as soon as you can. This way the author has ample time to complete before your scheduled time. I will email a  TENTATIVE SCHEDULE TO YOU WITHIN A TIMELY MANNER AFTER FIRST INITIAL TOUR INVITE. THAN UPDATES AS MORE HOST JOIN THE TOUR. Blog Tour Schedules can also be found at this link and One Day Events can be found at this link these will also be updated often.  All you will have to do is scroll to find the banner for the tour you are looking for and then locate your blog title and your scheduled date will be there.


Tour Host Guidelines Summarized Version
Tour day: Please make sure your tour post is up by 8 AM EST on the day of your tour stop and make it within the top 3 post of the day. If unable to make it within top 3 please please send me a link or make sure it is searchable on your blog. If you are unable to participate on your date, please contact RBTL Book Promotions to switch your date or decline the tour. Bloggers who fail to notify me of being unable to post will removed from the host list after 3 offenses. 
Tour schedule: Tour schedules are subject to change. If you cannot participate or need a different day, please contact RBTL Book Promotions as soon as possible to re-schedule or be removed from the tour. 
Reviews: If you receive a review copy of the blog tour book, you are expected to present a review on tour day. If possible, please post your reviews to Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, etc..... These reviews help an author not only promote their book, but gives readers an honest opinion on whether or not to purchase the book. The only exception to that is if you cannot rate the book 3 or more stars. Please save unfavorable reviews, if you want to post them, until after the blog tour is completed. If you find yourself for whatever reason not liking the book, please contact RBTL Book Promotions to switch your post to a promo post. We understand not everyone will like a book.
Do You Have To Sign Up for Every Tour? Is There a Limit? 
No you are NOT required to participate in every tour but it is greatly appreciated to participate in more than just 1 a month. 
Tour Host Guidelines Full Version

When you sign up for one of RBTL Book Promotions Events, you will receive a confirmation email with the date you signed up for, but if for any reason you lose the email and you're not sure anymore (before or after the tour has begun), please let me know or double check the schedule I have on the blog (when it's posted). It's always updated.
Please Please Mark a Calendar or Something with Your Scheduled Date Because When You Miss A Post it Looks Bad On Not Just Me the Coordinator, but Mainly Yourself For Not Keeping a Commitment YOU Signed Up For So It Looks Bad On YOU and YOUR BLOG. You are letting Everyone Down. I know LIFE can be a B**** and Throw Us Curve Balls and those are understandable but when you forget to post frequently and often it LOOKS Bad. I contact my host when post are missing and when you are contacted and you do not respond back that looks really really bad and I can tell when an email as be viewed so I know when you have looked at an email sent directly to you and you viewed it and never responded that is a sure way to be removed from future invites.

I always send an email with the tour banner and latest up to date details a week to a few days before the tour starts. If you don't receive the email then you need to tell me on time and never wait until the very last moment or (even worse) don't tell me and don't make the post at all.

I don't stop hosts from having other posts on the same date as ours, but I ask you to please put our post in one of the TOP 3 post though the top spot is preferred, since it's the authors' guest day. Unless otherwise discussed.

• If you are scheduled for a date but for some reason cannot make that date then PLEASE, PLEASE let me know! I won’t be upset and promise that you will still be kept on my tour host list--I understand things happen.

• All promo information should be posted regardless of what else you post such as Creative Post, Excerpt/Exclusive Excerpt Post, Guest Post, Interview, etc. Spotlight/Promo information includes the book info, description, cover,  buy links (if applicable) and the author photo (if applicable) , banner and links.

• REVIEWERS:  If you receive a free review copy post the disclaimer stating you received a free copy.
here is an example to be posted and it is included in almost every Media/Press Kit

****Please add to Post if Reviewing****
**** Disclosure of Material: I received a final and/or advanced reader copy of this book from RBTL Book Promotions and the Author/Publisher with the hope that I will leave my Unbiased Opinion. I was not required to leave a review, positive or otherwise, and my opinions are just that... My Opinions. I am posting this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising". *****

Due to Amazon's Ever Changing Rules and Regulations Regarding Reviews on their Site Please Post a Disclaimer but Never Never Say **In Exchange For** that throws up a Big Red Flag and Amazon Will Remove your Review. 

• When you receive the blog tour button for a tour you are participating in, we ask that you please post the button on your blog/site if you do not mind.
Failure to miss three or more post without contacting me and I will have no choice but to remove you from the team. I am sorry about this, but I need  people to post regularly. I know that life sometimes gets in the way, but I still need to be informed if you can not post.

Book Reviews:

• If you accept a review copy, please post your reviews on Goodreads and Amazon (if you have an account) in addition to your blog and any other review accounts you may have, B&N, etc.

• By submitting the sign up form you acknowledged and agreed that any media, e-Books, etc that you receive from RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions  for review, will not be in any way copied, distributed or shared (unless otherwise agreed upon by all parties). By accepting to receive a review copy you are again agreeing to this.
Creative Post:

(indicated with 3 asterisks like this ***)
Creative Post are decided by the tour host  unless otherwise agreed. If you are scheduled for a creative post, I will get them to you as soon as I receive them from the author.

Excerpt/Exclusive Excerpt Post:
• Excerpt/Exclusive Excerpt Post are decided by you the host. If Choosing an Excerpt (Regular) these are often already in the Media/Press Kit (if Media/Press Kit Contains more than One Please Choose ONLY ONE to Post NOT all that are available). If You Choose Exclusive Excerpt I will let the Author Know that you want a Never Before Seen Excerpt to Post.

Guest Posts:

• Guest Post Topics are decided by the tour host  unless otherwise agreed. If you are scheduled for a guest post, I will get them to you as soon as I receive them from the author.


• The time limit of the giveaway and rules, regulations, etc. is up to you, unless specified by the author or the giveaway is via  Rafflecopter Code made by me, but I do ask that you make it at least three days, if not a week if possible.

• If the giveaway is via  Rafflecopter Code by me you will be sent the HTML code close to the start of the tour or one day event  or if you have Wordpress you will be sent a link code. If the giveaway is done this way all you have to do is post the HTML/LINK I will take care of winner(s).

• Upon choosing a giveaway winner/s, please forward the winners email to with Giveaway Winner(s)/the book name and author in the subject line. The winner’s information will then be forwarded to the author for them to contact and give out the prize(s).

Author, Character and/or Generic Interviews:
• If you are scheduled for an interview please get me the questions as soon as possible so I can pass them on to the author. I will forward you the answers as soon as the author gets them back to me.

Spotlight Posts {Promo}:

• The Promo Post should include ALL the information in the media kit! The book info, description, cover, synopsis, buy links and the author photo, picture and links. No matter what feature you are doing for a tour (review, character interview, giveaway, etc.)it would be nice if everyone would post the promo information of the book with their post.

As a RBTL Book Promotions ~ Tour Host, you are encouraged to accept as many tour invites you can or want to participate in. Of course you are in no way obligated to participate in every tour or any that you do not want to host. This is strictly at your discretion as your time allows you to participate.

If you have not received your information for whatever kind of post you are scheduled, excerpt, interview, guest post, etc. at least a week to 2 days before the event or your scheduled stop - PLEASE contact me at; I will in turn try to find out what has happened and if for some reason cannot get in touch with the author, please just post the promotional information.

If you agree to host on a certain date, please post on that date! I would like all post to be posted between 12:01 & 8:00 am EST on your scheduled date. Hosts who are constantly late, or disappear without word will be removed from the RBTL Book Promotions

If you have a question please check the FAQS and feel free to contact me if your question or concerns is/are not answered there.

Do I have to have a certain amount of followers to be a tour host?

No, you do not have to have any certain amount of followers or page views all you have to do is post regularly--at least once a week and be reliable.
     Do I have to review books to be a host?

No. I understand that book bloggers are busy, it would be great if you can, but it is not required to be a host for RBTL Book Promotions.

What do I do if I do not think I have received my review copy for a tour?

Contact me--ASAP!

If I can’t or don’t think I can provide a review for a book I have received, what do I do?

Contact me--ASAP!

I would also like all post to go live by 8:00 AM EST (Eastern Standard Time) on your scheduled date. (Unless Otherwise Agreed Upon) 

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