Wednesday, July 23, 2014

RBTL Book Promotions

“Book Publicity with a Personal Touch, let RBTL Book Promotions Coordinate Your Next Release!” From One Day Events to Full Virtual Book Blog Tours I Do It All Custom Fit For Your Needs.

RBTL Book Promotions

Founder and Coordinator: Anna Dase
Interested in booking a tour?  

These are the services RBTL provides:

Author Interview
Character Interview
Creative Post
Giveaway/Rafflecopter Giveaway
Guest Post
Author Spotlight
Author Interview
Features Series
Featured Book Spotlight
Cover Reveal
Book Trailer

Tour Packages:

7 days with 3 Stops Minimum 
14 days with 7 Stops Minimum 
21 days with 9 Stops Minimum 
30 days with 12 Stops Minimum 
Remember Me Tour (Keep Me In Mind)
Remember Me Level 1 ~ ~ 8 - 10 Stops  
Remember Me Level 2 ~ ~ 12 - 14 Stops  
Remember Me Level 3 ~ ~16 - 18 Stops  
Cover Reveal - 1 day posting - unlimited stops
Book Trailer - 1 day posting - unlimited stops
Chapter Tours
Scavenger Hunts
Beta Readers 
Special Packages:
Book Blitz
1 Day
2 Days
3 Days
Add $10 Dollars for Each Additional Day
(Optional Add Media/Press Kit for additional $15)
Unlimited Host minimum of 10
Book Synopsis, Cover, Links to buy
Promo Banner
Complete Media Kit/Press Release Kit: 

Tour Banner
Book Cover
Buy Links
(When Applicable)
Book Trailer
(When Applicable)
Author Bio
Author Links
(When Applicable)
Author Photo
(When Applicable)

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Dark Erotica / Erotica
(and other sub genre of erotica)  
(Urban, Dark and Epic)

(Most but Not All)
(i.e. Suspense, Thrillers, Sports and other sub genres)

Historical Romance/Fantasy
(on occasion)

Paranormal Romance 
Science Fiction
   (on occasion)    

Young-Adult (15-18)
(not kids books)

New Adult (18 - Older)

Adult (21 - Older)

Don't see a package/genre on the list, contact us at to discuss other options.

For more details and pricing visit our website Tour Packages.

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  1. I independently published true to life, business reference book one year prior. The book has not been advanced at all and is as of now selling around 25 - 30 duplicates for every month memoir ghostwriters for hire i trust it has the possibility to create altogether more noteworthy interest if appropriately promoted. I might want to discover somebody to showcase it for me to verify new conveyance directs and rack space in book shops. What are the most ideal approaches to seek after this or recognize somebody to do it?