Below you will find the policies for reviews and giveaways.
Please read all information provided below prior to sending your book for review.  If you send your book for review, email your information to sadase98@gmail.com, if wanting to provide a giveaway/contest you are agreeing and acknowledging that you have read and accept all the terms listed below.
We will state that the book was provided free of cost in return for an honest review.

FAQS for Authors and Publishers 
Review Policy

   Steps for requesting a review:
          1. Complete and submit your Book Review Request to sadase98@gmail.com. If Interested in Virtual Book Blog Tours also please email sadase98@gmail.com or use the contact tab at the top of Blog.
          2. Once I receive your request information I will review it and contact you. At My Earliest Convenience.
          3. Once accepted for review please be prepared to provide: Author Bio, Book Cover, Author Pic and all other photos to be posted, Descriptions, Buy Links, Synopsis or Book Blurb, Guest Post, an Excerpt or whatever other information is discussed upon acceptance. If you are only participating in a review while not taking part in a blog tour please provide book cover art and buy link. If the book is part of a series and there is praise for other books in the series please provide a few of those as well.

*Please provide book copy in a timely manner to ensure there is no hold up with your review.
**We accept E-Book formats (Mobi ~ Kindle & ePub ~ Nook and Most Other eReaders) as well as Print copies. (Print copies are preferred)
***I must be notified immediately if your work contains OVER 18 material so that our viewers are advised beforehand.

Book Genres we will review:
Open to all: Publishing Houses, Self-Published and Indie Novelist. Our favorites are:
Contemporary Romance and Just about Any and All SubGenres (MMA, Sports, Bad Boy ~ Mafia, MC etc..., Billionaires etc....)
Fantasy/Urban Fantasy (Picky)
Young Adult (Very Picky)--No Children's Books Absolutely NO Children's Books (for this I am sorry)
Paranormal Romance
Some Science Fiction (Very Picky)
 If your genre is not on our list, please contact us to discuss.

Turn-Around Time on Reviews:
Notify me of a date you need the review complete by and I will advise if I am able to work that into my schedule. I can generally have a book read within a couple days to a week. However, if my schedule is full and it generally is, it could take up to 10 - 12 weeks or longer. I will advise if we can accommodate your time schedule.   If the book is an ARC – please advise me ASAP so it can be reviewed on or before your release date if possible. When reviewing your book, I will post all reviews that I rate 3 or above automatically, anything below I can contact you (if you wish) prior to posting the review,(though if I don't rate with at least a 3 I generally don't write a review) even if I do not like the story, I will state the reason in an unbiased manner. I will not and do not respond to negative comments posted to reviews and welcome fans posting their comments to my website. However, I do reserve the right to remove any posts that are vulgar, demeaning or construed as being rude. I will not lie in my reviews, for any reason, so please do not ask me to, I will not be swayed on this! I reserve the right to refuse reviewing a book for any reason and are under no obligation to review a book. If I agree to review, I will do everything I can to review the book. If for some reason my schedule changes I will notify you as soon as possible to reschedule for a later date or advise if I cannot do the review. I apologize in advance if this is the case. Books shipped to me for review will not be returned and you agree that the book(s) is/are my property. If during shipment the book becomes damaged, I am not responsible for the book. I will take a photo of the damage and contact you for a replacement.

Giveaway Policy

  If you consider a giveaway for fans visiting the website and commenting on the review/interview/guest post, etc, I will use Rafflecopter for the giveaway to choose the winner. I will provide you with winner name(s), email and mailing address (if mailing address is required). You will be responsible for forwarding the copy to the winner(s) and cover all shipping/handling cost(s). Do not send the giveaway book to us! (Unless agreed upon due to some other circumstance)

  Authors or 2nd and 3rd party individuals providing giveaway items for the author will be responsible for shipping items in a timely manner. We will not be held responsible for lost or damaged items, unforeseen circumstances or for individuals not shipping items to the winners.

We will announce the winner on our blog along with sending them an email and copying the author/provider contact information. Please keep in mind that the winner will receive the author/provider contact information for further communication after the contest has ended. I will not be held responsible for any miscommunication or misunderstandings between the author/provider and winner(s). I apologize in advance if any issues do arise.

  Unless otherwise noted, no duplicate entries per-person will be accepted until otherwise noted in Rafflecopter. We reserve the right to delete multiple entries as they will be deemed as spam. You are agreeing to these terms as well as terms provided by Rafflecopter. If you have a question regarding any of the terms listed, please contact me with your questions. Please be sure to read all terms and conditions.

  I am not responsible for promotional items or books that were forwarded to the winner(s) unintentionally or for books that were received that should not have been sent.

  Giveaways can and do change from time to time. In the event of a change, I will post the corrections as soon as possible. We are not responsible for any giveaway or promotional items promised by the author/provider at any time.
 •     * If you enter/provide a giveaway/contest you are bound by the terms above.  The giveaways rules, regulations, etc. will be agreed upon in advance.

Other Information:
  If you are advertising on your website, I request that you use the RBTL Book Promotions rbtlbooktours.com ~ Tours or Read Between the Lines rbtlreviews.com ~ Just Reviews from Read Between the Lines button(s) to direct people to my website(s) to see the posts/review or schedule for your tour. This allows viewers to see the full range of the bloggers on the tour and for you to have maximum exposure.(Buttons are Found on the Side Bar of Both Sites)

  If all information required for posting your review, guest interview, etc. is not received, I will contact you via email. If you do not responding a timely manner, I am not responsible for lack of response to request for more information.

  I must receive a copy of the book in a timely manner to post the review on the date agreed upon.

  Interview questions will be provided after book has been read,(unless it is strictly an interview post) and will be provided in a timely manner to allow you adequate time to respond. If you are not asking for a book review and only doing an interview, our host will provide you with generic interview questions (that in return we will forward onto you to be answered in a timely manner). I will provide a date I need the responses by(generally at least 3-4 days prior to the start of your tour and/or post on my personal site). If they are NOT received by that date, Myself or my tour host are NOT responsible for posting the interview.

  Promo posts requires all information in your media kit:  Press Release, book blurb or synopsis, cover art, excerpt, buy links, links to websites, author photo and any other pictures that may be discussed at the time of scheduling. RBTL Can Compose a Media Kit/Press Release for $15.
 *I reserve the right to alter any of the above information at any time without notice. Please check back periodically for updates to the terms and conditions and/or policies listed.

* I at Read Between The Lines and/or RBTL Book Promotions reserve the right to terminate any agreement at any time for any reason. (ie Lack of Correspondence to Emails, etc....)

*Payments are used through PayPal I will send you an Invoice right after the tour banner is approved. Unless otherwise discussed please pay in a timely manner.

*No refunds will be issued.

Thank you for reading over our policies.  If you have any questions please contact me at sadase98@gmail.com.

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