Wednesday, July 23, 2014

RBTL Book Promotions

“Book Publicity with a Personal Touch, let RBTL Book Promotions Coordinate Your Next Release!” From One Day Events to Full Virtual Book Blog Tours I Do It All Custom Fit For Your Needs.

RBTL Book Promotions

Founder and Coordinator: Anna Dase
Interested in booking a tour?  

These are the services RBTL provides:

Author Interview
Character Interview
Creative Post
Giveaway/Rafflecopter Giveaway
Guest Post
Author Spotlight
Author Interview
Features Series
Featured Book Spotlight
Cover Reveal
Book Trailer

Tour Packages:

7 days with 3 Stops Minimum 
14 days with 7 Stops Minimum 
21 days with 9 Stops Minimum 
30 days with 12 Stops Minimum 
Remember Me Tour (Keep Me In Mind)
Remember Me Level 1 ~ ~ 8 - 10 Stops  
Remember Me Level 2 ~ ~ 12 - 14 Stops  
Remember Me Level 3 ~ ~16 - 18 Stops  
Cover Reveal - 1 day posting - unlimited stops
Book Trailer - 1 day posting - unlimited stops
Chapter Tours
Scavenger Hunts
Beta Readers 
Special Packages:
Book Blitz
1 Day
2 Days
3 Days
Add $10 Dollars for Each Additional Day
(Optional Add Media/Press Kit for additional $15)
Unlimited Host minimum of 10
Book Synopsis, Cover, Links to buy
Promo Banner
Complete Media Kit/Press Release Kit: 

Tour Banner
Book Cover
Buy Links
(When Applicable)
Book Trailer
(When Applicable)
Author Bio
Author Links
(When Applicable)
Author Photo
(When Applicable)

Promote Tour Via:

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Dark Erotica / Erotica
(and other sub genre of erotica)  
(Urban, Dark and Epic)

(Most but Not All)
(i.e. Suspense, Thrillers, Sports and other sub genres)

Historical Romance/Fantasy
(on occasion)

Paranormal Romance 
Science Fiction
   (on occasion)    

Young-Adult (15-18)
(not kids books)

New Adult (18 - Older)

Adult (21 - Older)

Don't see a package/genre on the list, contact us at to discuss other options.

For more details and pricing visit our website Tour Packages.

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