Blog Tour Requirements

Blog Tour Requirements

What I’ll need to get started (once your tour is full, I will send a detailed email letting you know what else I need for the posts and how this should be supplied):
Book Cover Image, (good quality (Hi Res) Attached to an Email)
Book Teaser Graphics (if applicable good quality Attached to an Email)
Author Pic (if applicable attached to an eMail)
The Completed Form I eMailed You
All of this in a Timely Manner
Packages, Prices and More Information Can Be Found Here.

Creative Post, Guest Post and Interviews for Blog  Stops should be created well in advance of the posting date so I have time to make the Graphics for some of the Creative Post and still have time to forward them onto the host blog. This also gives the host blog plenty of time to set up the their post on their end and allow time for resolving any problems that may arise. To this end, all creative post, guest posts, & interviews for your tour should be received by me 5- 8 days in advance of the tour’s start date or host blogs scheduled date. I will not be held responsible for any days that are missed due to late content.

If for any reason, you find you can’t supply the creative posts, guest posts, or interviews on time, or something comes up, please let me know ASAP. That way the blog tour dates can be rearranged if necessary.


If you decide to run a giveaway as part of your blog tour (this is highly recommended), then you are responsible for contacting your winner/s and sending out prize/s. I will send you the winner/s contact details once the tour is finished – the rest is down to you. I will not be held responsible for non-delivery of prize/s.

Please only supply FINAL tour materials to me. I send them out very soon after receiving them from authors to ensure everything runs smoothly. To this end, if an author wishes to make any changes after this time, either to the content of the posts, any images, or the dates, a surcharge will be made (this doesn’t include family emergencies or similar issues that may arise).

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