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I am writing you to let you know about my experience in working with Anna Dase at Read Between the Lines.  I am an author and a book blogger.  I made Anna’s acquaintance some time back when she was looking for blogs to be host stops for her touring authors.  I love promoting my fellow authors, so I agreed to volunteer my blog. 

Since beginning to work with Anna, I have found her to be professional and easy to work with.  She genuinely loves books and wants to see her touring authors succeed.  She is very organized (which I need to be perfectly honest, because I am not), and she stays on top of timely communications so that tours run smoothly. 

I have not toured with Anna yet, but when she saw I had a book out, she offered to host me on her blog.  As I’m sure you know, anytime you can get someone to volunteer to promote your work  it is so appreciated.  I’m used to having to beg and plead with bloggers to promote me, so the fact that Anna sought me out to offer really goes to show what a kind person she is. 

If you have any questions about my experiences in working with Anna and Read Between the Lines, please feel free to contact me. 

Good luck with your touring! Jesi Lea Ryan 
I have nothing but positive feedback for Anna. The way she runs her tours
and the communication that she has with her tour hosts is second to none.
She puts a lot into each of her tours and it shows with each new tour she
sets up and works on.

She has also been a tour host for me and her reviews have always been on
time and well written. She is a pleasure to work with.

Kate @ Read2Review

"As a blogger, I absolutely love hosting for RBTL Book Promotions. Not only do I get introduced to many new authors with fabulous books, but Anna, the organizer, makes everything simple and easy for her hosts, including gentle and polite reminders if life gets in the way and you forget to post. Other tour companies and their organizers are not as nice in their reminders and can be outright rude, but Anna not only gives that professional personal touch to her clients, but is respectful and sweet towards her hosts as well! If you were to ask me who to host for, I'd say RBTL would be at the top of the list!"

~A_TiffyFit's Reading Corner~

I have been a blogger for about 4 years now as of June 20th. I have worked with Anna I believe for about 2 years being a tour host and helping out many wonderful authors. The thing that I like about Anna and her services as me being a blogger is that when I sign up to help out on tours the materials are already sent out with the email. That makes it so much more easier as I can have my post ready to go rather than wait to get the materials. She is pretty fast on responding to emails and if I am not able to get a hold of her via email I can always get a hold of her via facebook.

Autumn Nauling ~ Fallen Over Book Reviews

I'm a ManLove erotic romance author for Siren-BookStrand Publishing.  I'm happy to help other authors, which is why I created the Author Feature series on my blog.  I've hosted many authors and tour companies, including RBTL (Read Between the Lines) Book Promotions.

Anna, at RBTL, is a professional tour host who is a pleasure to work with.  Her brand and materials are always well organized and easy to use.  Communications between herself and tour hosts are well developed and through.  I look forward to continuing my support of RBTL.

Andrew Jericho 

I have only been blogging since December 2013 and I started doing tours for Anna Dase at RBTL Book Promotions in June 2014. I obviously hadn't been blogging long when I started 'working' for her. I was in that time also doing tours for several other tour companies. She was the first and only tour coordinator or blogger who offered to help me when I was having trouble. She basically showed me the ropes and neat tricks to getting things done.

I have also found since I have been doing this for a few years now that Anna @ RBTL Book Promotions' HTML Code's, her Media Kits and her invites are the best easiest for me to use. Her HTML's (when available) are never locked so I can move, change or switch around the content to suit me or my blog. Her Media Kit is included in EVERYTHING so I can build my post from the moment she invites me to the reminder email. It is an easy copy and paste format that is also not locked that I have no excuse not to have my post ready, but if something does happen that causes me to be late or not able to post I only need to let her know and she is understanding. Her invites are clear and concise and all in the email. The invite is all copy and paste, no google doc to deal with, but if that is what you want then she also has those available on her website.

The Creative Post options are the best for this company. Anna  has a line of posts that are out of the box thinking and are so fun to do. Authors would enjoy them as well as hosts who really enjoy blogging. She is always on the look out for even more creative and fun posts. RBTL Book Promotions is one of my top tour companies to work with and I always sign up for something when the invite goes out.
All The Best,

Mellena Driver
♦♦The Book Quarry♦♦ 
RBTL Book Promotions (Read Between the Lines) is excellent. I love working with  RBTL for book tours. Anna is so through and professional. Her media kits are always perfect. She includes HTML for easy posting, which is great for anyone who may not know how to or want to do their own DIY Post. She also includes all the graphics and information needed for creating your post for the tour.. Anna is friendly and helpful. I recommend her and RBTL to any author and/or blogger.
✽Jenny @ Fabulous and Fun ✽
Although I've only been working with RBTL for about 7 months now, I always look forward to new promotional opportunities presented by Anna. Her packets are complete and clean (no broken links, etc) and arrive with PLENTY of time to prepare. Her communication and accessibility is top-notch. I love that she's willing to provide services to the LGBT authors and community when so many others are hesitant. I look forward to continuing to build a lasting relationship between her and I, RBTL and Happily Ever Chapter. 

 Tina J @ Happily Ever Chapter 

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