Cover Reveal

Have you got a new cover for an upcoming release that you want to show off? Or an Old Release Getting a Facelift and Updated. Get some buzz going for your book before it even hits shelves! Perhaps you just want to reach the largest possible audience. Then a cover reveal is for you.

What is a cover reveal?
A cover reveal is where an invite  is sent out to all hosts asking them to post promotional information about your new book cover. This is a Cover that HAS Not Been Seen Anywhere Yet. It can be for a New Release or an Older Release that is getting a new lease. Updated.

What information is posted?
This is up to you, really. It depends whether you just want people to see the cover, or whether you want to direct them somewhere, at the sametime, like Goodreads, your website, etc. Usually, people include the book cover, blurb, excerpt (optional), buy links and author bio.

How many sites will post my information?
I have over 150 hosts on my list plus I can make a google doc to be shared on my social media sites as well as shared on your social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc...), but there’s no way of knowing how many will post your cover reveal. It’s totally up to each and every host whether they want to be involved in each reveal. However, the further in advance that your cover reveal is planned and invites go out, the more chance you have of hosts featuring it.

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