Review Request Full FAQS and Disclosures

Reviews Only (NOT A TOUR)
This is a service best customized to your needs and your budget. To chat about what would best work for you please contact me at to discuss. Prices start at $75 a book for reviews. More than 1 book can be added for additional $10 per extra book. Reviewers will have 4 weeks (30 Days) to post their review once review copy is sent to them. Review Copies Will Be Sent on Friday's To New Reviewers.

What is included with the Review Service?

1. Promotional Packet (if Media Kit was purchased or supplied)-  Sent Along in Email for Readers to Use (Media Kits are Helpful to Those Posting to Other Places Besides Amazon.)
Invite Sent to Bloggers/Readers
And Posted On FB in RBTL Book Promotions Group and Other RBTL Social Media Sites and Pages and the Signup Shared Often
The Following Information is Needed and Can Be Sent via Email
Needed from You (Author):
All Of this Needs to be Answered
Cover (Attached to Email)
Standalone or Part of a Series?
If a series name of series.
# in series and planned # of series.
If a series, are they interconnected standalones or one continuing story? Can they Be Read Out of Order?
If a continuing story/series, do the books have cliffhangers?
If a continuing story/series, are the rest of the books already out? Already written? When are you planning on releasing them? And, will the story end happily?
Is there any cheating? If so, what kind?
Is there a love triangle? If so, how long before it gets resolved?
Is there any stupidity from the characters that keeps them apart for any reason? (Please be brutally honest about this answer. This is normally a number one pet peeve in books. That being said, readers are not intolerant to it, most just want a heads up about what kind is there and how long it takes the characters to get over it.)
Or Any Other Combo I May Be Missing :)
Approximately how far into the book do the main couple get together?
Are they (or do they try to be) functional as a couple?
Would you describe it as fluffy, warm, angsty, dark, emotional, deep, funny, hopeful? Something else?
Age Category
*Young Adult
*New Adult
Length of Book {Approximate # of Pages} {Word Count}
Release Date (Currently available? If not, what is the release date?)
Edition/Formats Available In
Author Bio
Author Picture (if you want to include)
Excerpts {if available} (3 -5 for Full Length Novel) (1 – 3 for Novella)
Teaser Image(s) {if available}
All Possible Links for Book and Author
Sign Up Form (via Google) will be created and linked with Cover Image on RBTL Book Promotions Site HERE for Bloggers/Readers to sign up
Bloggers/Readers will choose a time frame to have a review posted within 30 days of receiving review copy, and will be asked to send me their link via email or on the Submit Review form on RBTL Book Promotions Site when post is set up; Link will then be shared with the Author to promote on Author's Social Media
We will ask that reviews be posted to Amazon as well as all Social Media Sites available to the Reviewer.
2.   Costs -
$75 for Reviews add additional books for $10 a book and add a for Media Kit for an additional $15 (highly recommended)
A certain amount of reviews is not guaranteed but the pimping of the books is.
No limit on number of participants.
Honest Reviews (5 Star Reviews are Not Guaranteed As the Reviews will SOLELY be the Reviewers Opinion.)
Social media exposure by RBTL Book Promotions for a few weeks after the review opportunity goes live.
Saves you the time of finding bloggers and visiting every blog to see if it’s a good match for your book.
Reviewers will be asked if they can cross-post their reviews on as many sites as they have an account for (like Amazon (is a Must) but Blog, FB, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Goodreads, etc…are Optional but Encouraged).
You can include more than one book in a review opportunity, with a max of 8 at a time if it’s a series and a max of 4 if it isn’t a series. Books have to be by the same author. If a review opportunity includes more than one book, only one e-mail will be sent to my tour hosts. So booking two separate review opportunities slightly apart might be more effective.
Even though RBTL Book Promotions organizes this event, you can still contact bloggers yourself or let someone else contact bloggers and ask them to review your book or send them here Review Request. And RBTL Will Take of Distributing your Title.


I have never failed to obtain reviews for our authors, but please keep in mind that reviews are still not guaranteed. You can expect anywhere from one to ten reviews, though it is always possible you will receive more than ten. Reviews can be positive or negative.

Please only request if you are truly interested in reviewing.
If you don’t blog but you post reviews on other platforms (Facebook, Goodreads etc), you can still request! The Only One that is a Must is Amazon Your Review Must be Posted There.
These are not blog tours; if approved for a copy, you choose your own day to post your review. Within a month (30 Days) of receiving review copy.
Please cross-post your review on any and all other social media sites you can.

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