I am writing you to let you know about my experience in working with Anna Dase at Read Between the Lines.  I am an author and a book blogger.  I made Anna’s acquaintance some time back when she was looking for blogs to be host stops for her touring authors.  I love promoting my fellow authors, so I agreed to volunteer my blog. 

Since beginning to work with Anna, I have found her to be professional and easy to work with.  She genuinely loves books and wants to see her touring authors succeed.  She is very organized (which I need to be perfectly honest, because I am not), and she stays on top of timely communications so that tours run smoothly. 

I have not toured with Anna yet, but when she saw I had a book out, she offered to host me on her blog.  As I’m sure you know, anytime you can get someone to volunteer to promote your work  it is so appreciated.  I’m used to having to beg and plead with bloggers to promote me, so the fact that Anna sought me out to offer really goes to show what a kind person she is. 

If you have any questions about my experiences in working with Anna and Read Between the Lines, please feel free to contact me. 

Good luck with your touring! Jesi Lea Ryan 

Hello, my name is Alexia Purdy, and I'm a YA Urban Fantasy author. I wanted to let you know about my experience with Anna Dase.
Anna has done wonders for me and my books. She works hard to put my stuff out there and is highly organized. I have used other companies before that were very confusing with blog tours and features for my books, and I’d end up quite lost on where I should be. Not with Anna, she is very in tune with an author’s needs and highly connected. She keeps you up to date every step of the way and coordinates things to keep your life running smoothly, especially when you’re releasing a book. Her banners for book tours are fabulous. Anna really makes my life stress free when it comes to exhibiting my books across tons of blogs and the internet. I am looking forward to working with her many times over and highly recommend her services.

Alexia Purdy

Authors, check out this Blog Tour Company! RBTL Book Promotions

Run by the wonderful Anna Dase, this tour company boasts a wide ranging list of connections and white glove treatment for each author.

I've used Anna for a few cover reveals and giveaways, and she never ceases to amaze me. She is extremely detail oriented and wants to make sure that her customers are 100% satisfied with every aspect of the tour, from presentation to post! She is the main point of contact (something I greatly appreciate in blog tours). If there is an issue, you only need to contact her to have it resolved. If one of the bloggers needs info from you, the author, Anna is the contact. She makes sure it all comes through her and that all information is accurate before posting time.

Here is an example of her latest post for my Dark Salvation Cover reveal.
That cover reveal was shared across 30+ blogs within the RBTL network. They really have a HUGE reach!

Now, when I say white glove, I mean white glove. Anna called me personally that morning to report to me what blogs had posted and what blogs had missed their post. She ensured that all blogs missing posts would have them up by the end of the day too. She was on the ball!! That's what you want in a good touring company, someone you can rely on. Marketing is a PITA and any help you can get is a godsend.

So, with that said, friends and authors, if you are in the market for a touring company for your next book, you need to check out RBTL!

Katie Salidas

I have nothing but positive feedback for Anna. The way she runs her tours
and the communication that she has with her tour hosts is second to none.
She puts a lot into each of her tours and it shows with each new tour she
sets up and works on.

She has also been a tour host for me and her reviews have always been on
time and well written. She is a pleasure to work with.

Kate @ Read2Review

I have had the pleasure of working with Anna from Read Between The Lines as both an author and a tour host. I met Anna when she became a tour stop for my first book tour and then when she asked me to be a host for her.  
Anna is very organized and detail conscious (which is great for me, the forgetful one). One of the things I love most is that she is passionate about the authors she works with and always strives to make each tour perfect for both author and host. If there is an issue she is quick to work around it, where it be a host having to drop out or the author needs to change something last minute. She even takes the time to make sure each post is up and correct, and if any are missing she works to correct the issue and get it posted.   
I’ve worked with other tour companies, but Annas is my favourite as she is quick, accurate, and caring. I will happily continue to be a host for and love that she will be with me for my next book release.

Áine P. Massie

RBTL Book Promotions  has been an excellent resource. After only one use, I’ve found myself returning again and again. Anna Dase RBTL (Read Between the Lines) Book Promotions offers a professional, prompt, and courteous service with prices that simply cannot be beat. If you are looking to do any kind of a blog tour, Anna is the person to see. – 

T. A. Grey

More Bang for the Buck – A Testimonial for RBTL Book Promotions

When I first started shopping around for author services I wrote to many blogger/promotional companies to find out their rates and what services they offered. Who wouldn’t right?
I contacted the lovely Anna Dase, owner of RBTL Book Promotions who was very quick to answer all my questions. Her prices seemed fair so I decided to give her a try even though she was not as well known as some of the others and her company was fairly new. 
Anna surprised me by her individualized attentiveness – taking care of all of my promotional needs for my new release. She immediately went to work booking my blog tours and developing my press releases and the other items I would need. And she didn’t stop there, not only was she quick to respond to my emails, she called me so we could talk and get to know one another on a more personal level.  
I will tell you at this time, I also employed the services of two other companies, which was slow to answer my questions, but quick to take my money. I had nothing but problems with them. The dates were set to accompany my releases but were soon shelved for some odd reason then my account was passed on to a new employee who had trouble booking me in the agreed amount of spots. Needless to say, I will not be using them again, regardless of their reputations.
I’m so pleased with the RBTL services I recently contacted Anna and asked her if I could put her on a retainer like an attorney for all my upcoming releases. As an author of an eleven book series and other fictional works, I couldn’t be happier. She has taken the stress and headaches of promoting one’s work away from this author, and I know deep down inside I am in the best promotional hands out there! 
From one author to another – give Anna and RBTL a try. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and I can guarantee you won’t be sorry. Anna will give you the most “bang” for the buck and you’ll be delighted with the individualized personal care you deserve. 

Author V.S. Nelson  

Simply the Best!

Anna Dase is a blog tour host who stands up for her authors!

When Anna approached me way back in the winter of 2011, asking to read and review my very first novel, I had no idea that such a wonderful relationship was in store for the both of us. Anna helped me back then in so many ways. I had no idea how to market my book, so she introduced me to the world of blog tours and I haven’t looked back since. Not only has she helped me promote my books, but she has also introduced me to some other awesome bloggers who I would not have had the pleasure of knowing without Anna.

Anna fights for her authors. Yes, she goes above and beyond to make sure the posts for authors she’s promoting are up and are of the greatest quality she insists they have. I've used Anna’s blog tour services four times now as well as individual promotional posts outside of tours, and I've always been pleased with her services and prices.

Did you know that Anna custom makes each blog tour banner herself? And she is really good. Here’s a peek at some of the awesome banners she’s made: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.443041719089332.103190.100001505243713&type=3

That is just one of the things that makes Anna a great tour host. She’s passionate about what she does, which makes her sincere, and she has always worked very hard to give me the best blog tour I could possibly ask for.

She also gives the best reviews without spoilers, so Anna will always be my go-to girl for those. I hate spoilers, and I can always count on Anna’s reviews to be honest but kind, without ruining the story.

Give Anna a try. I guarantee you’ll fall in love with Anna the way I did.


Susan Griscom 

If you're looking to promote your novel (which, you totally should be considering you spent a crapload of time writing it), Anna's (RBTL Book Promotions) are a great way to get on the radars of bloggers all around the world. Get hooked up ASAP.

-Estevan Vega, author of The Arson Series and Winter Sparrow

Hello, my name is MaryLynn Bast. I am the author of the Heart of a Wolf Series. I would like to say that I am very impressed with how Anna Dase conducts blog tours with RBTL Book Promotions. The blog tours Anna has done for me has turned out very well. She is very professional and organized.
Anna loves books and working with authors, going above and beyond to ensure that she takes care of the authors she works with. She is very supportive in the blogging community and has helped several other bloggers to get their blog up and running, as well as a few who have started their own hosting services. Anna still continues to work with those individuals.
With this being said, I have used Anna’s services for all of my books and will continue to use her services for all my upcoming books.
Anna, thank you for your dedication to us authors. If not for people like you, we would not be a success.

MaryLynn Bast

"Anna at RBTL (Read Between the Lines) Book Promotions was pure pleasure to work with. Not only did she handle all the curve balls I threw at her but she juggled them like a pro. She was professional, on time and hard working, and I will definitely use her again in the future!"

-Cambria Hebert author of the Heven and Hell and Death Escorts series

Working with Anna @ RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions was a stress-free fantastic experience. I was able to get everything written and scheduled ahead of time so I wasn't scrambling for anything at the last minute. She took care of everything. I didn't have to lift a finger after I turned everything into her. She is very organized, professional, and on top of things. Anna will make sure your experience with blog touring is phenomenal! I would recommend her to anyone and can't wait to do another tour with her when my next book releases.

Hugs, Krystal Shannan

Anna @ RBTL Book Promotions did a Great Job coordinating my NA release day event. My ranking soared. I will definitely use her services again.

Tara West

Anna is a true gem to work with, she coordinated a fabulous tour for my debut novel with some truly awesome hosts. RBTL Book Promotions is on the top of my list for all future releases & I can't wait to work with Anna again.

“When Anna says “Personal Touch” Blog Tours - She really means it. I've now had 2 cover reveals and 2 tours with Anna and her wonderful Hosts, and I couldn’t be happier. Despite my slowness, she is always patient and very good about reminders. She wants your tours to be a success, and she will go to whatever lengths she can to make them that way and she does an amazing job in doing so. If you're looking for an Amazing Virtual Tour - I highly recommend RBTL - You won't be disappointed.”

Zoey Derrick

I’d like to give a huge THANK YOU to RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions for a wonderful Blog Tour experience.  The mastermind of the operation, Anna , is a phenomenally organized individual with a passion for books, readers and authors.

My tour was arranged through my Publisher, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Anna kept me in the loop at all times, and I found her both professional and approachable – a fantastic mix. The tour was so user-friendly I don’t think I ever needed to ask a question, but I would’ve been comfortable doing so if needed.

The banner was lovely, and the guest post instructions arrived well in advance so I never felt rushed.  Participating blogs were well chosen, each relevant to the genre of my book. That was important, since my New Adult Urban Fantasy probably wouldn’t appeal to erotica blog reader. 

From kickoff to wrap-up, the tour was wonderfully enjoyable. Posts were on time, reviews were honest, and the only cancellation was promptly filled. I’d tour with RBTL again, without hesitation!

Dawn Jayne.

I contacted Anna a few months ago and inquired about her services, what Anna presented to me sounded wonderful, was priced well, and I went ahead and booked with her straight away.
The World of Book Tours was a new experience to me which was made easy with wonderful guidance from Anna. I loved the interview and found it enjoyable to complete.
Anna was extremely organised and took care of all aspects of the services I requested, there wasn't a moment when I was confused or worried.
I have found Anna to be an exceptional tour host, who went beyond what was expected of her. I recommend this lovely blogger to everyone, I will continue to use her services as she will be my number one choice in the future.

Aria Williams 

My blog tour with RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions was flawless.  Anna did everything, she was exceptionally organized, and at the end of the day all I needed to do was write my posts and show up.  She made sure all the posts went up as planned and in the event of any glitches (which there was none) she contacted me right away.  She also organized all the prizes and all I needed to do was send them out.  I will be back.  Thank you Anna for an awesome tour!

Kim Carmichael

A book blog tour is a great way to build an audience, and @ RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions tour is a great value. Anna put together a week-long tour for me that included a great mix of reviews, interviews, excerpts and a guest post. As a result, I reached new readers, had reviews of my book posted to Goodreads, got new Twitter and Goodreads followers, and new people "Liked" my FB page. This was my first book tour experience, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I'm pleased with the results & will definitely be doing it again.

--Jeanie Grey--

I loved working with Anna Dase at RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions to introduce my debut novel Fire Burns.  She was very knowledgeable and filled all of my blog tour host slots quickly.  I couldn’t be happier with the service I received and won’t hesitate to return for promotional help with my next book.

***Trista Day***

I've now used Anna's services for a book tour, a promo and a cover reveal, and I've been very happy with all of them. Anna always goes above and beyond and is a pleasure to work with. She makes what could be a really hassle-y experience stress free, giving you more time to write :)

Helena Newbury, New York Times Bestselling Author

I've recently completed a month long book tour with Anna and have already booked her again for a Promo Blitz for another book. She is very detailed oriented and stays on top of things every day of the tour. If for some reason your blogspot is missing she'll be on it first thing in the morning to fix it. If there's a problem she'll let you know before you notice it yourself.

Also I've been very impressed by how she's stood up for authors during the recent Amazon/Kobo mess. She cares about her authors and isn't afraid to speak up for them. She does an excellent job at competitive rates. Her service is definitely worth the fee. I highly recommend her.

Dez Burke

Anna @ RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions is amazing, professional, and excellent at organization. She takes care of everything that needs to be taken care and makes sure it's done swiftly. She answers every question you could possibly think of and is one of the sweetest people in the world to deal with. ~ She was an amazing planner, and I don't think my tour would have run as smoothly if anybody else had done it. I'm so glad I discovered her and RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions. I'm definitely going to be using her for the next book!

**** Michael Chulsky ****

Aloha, Lovelies.

I just wanted to take a moment, and offer you all a short testimonial for RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions.

When I looked into their book tour packages, I wasn't sure how things would go. I’d never done a virtual book tour, you see, and thought it would be something difficult to partake of. Part of me wasn't sure what to expect, in all honesty.

I am very pleased with the services offered to me by Anna  and her company, RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions. The tour itself went quite smoothly, and I enjoyed everything the tour hosts offered on my behalf.

Anna  is quite professional at what she does, and she keeps up on her tour hosts during each scheduled tour date. To me, I felt that her doing so made everything go so much smoother. That she remains on top of things says a lot. I also like that she keeps everything so organized when it comes to each scheduled stop during the tour itself.

I can imagine just how hectic things can get when booking a tour for authors and the like. Overall, I enjoyed my time during the tour itself, and will definitely be working with her and RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions in booking tours for future books of mine. I definitely recommend them to all those looking for affordable book tour services.

Thanks for such a great experience. I enjoyed it immensely.

**Lissette E Manning**

If you want your book sales to increase, get the buzz around your novel, or just do a cover reveal for your upcoming novel, RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions are the way to go. Anna is prompt, professional and definitely goes the extra mile. I'll use her in the future again. Thank you Anna for your professionalism, and you delivered 110 %.

Adrienne Woods

I have used RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions for several of my book blitzes and tours. What I love most is Anna's attention to detail.  Once I give her the particulars I only need to sit back and let her do what she does best.  She keeps track of everything, ensures that the blogs and such are posted in a timely manner, and always over delivers.  I will be using her again!

~~Kim Carmichael~~

Anna at RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She's both professional and friendly, and she is almost always available. She works really hard to make sure all her bloggers post on their date (sending out reminder emails) which is really appreciated. It definitely shows her dedication!

We've done one tour with her so far and have already booked the second, and know that we are in good hands with her. Thanks, Anna!

** J.E. & M. Keep**

Working with Anna at RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions has been an absolute pleasure. She's quick and helpful and does what is best for your book. Because my blog tour fell on Christmas week, I had a low expectation of how many stops Anna might be able to snag. I was floored when I got my blog schedule! She blew it out of the water! My book was in good hands with Anna, and yours will be too!

~~Kristen Strassel~~

I was thrilled with the job Anna  at RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions did on my blog tour for The Fountain of the Earth. From the very start, Anna kept me informed and when it came time for the tour everything ran perfectly. The tour sites had everything they needed: images, interviews, links, summaries, excerpts, and review copies. It ran so well, I’m already planning my next tour.

~~H. L. LeRoy YA Dystopian Author~~

This was my first book blog tour for my debut novel, Luminous, and I’m so thankful that I chose Anna  at RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions to work with.  I had checked into a few other tour companies and the responses I had gotten made me feel like I wasn't worth their time.  Then I contacted Anna, and from the beginning, she treated me with personalized attention that made me feel like I was her number one client.  Her attention to detail is unparalleled.  She worked with me to build a custom tour package that would meet my needs, her prices are affordable and she was an absolute joy to work with.  Through the entire process she was quick to answer my emails and made sure I knew exactly what to expect.  She made sure I had plenty of time to get her the information she needed to put the tour together and she made me feel like she was there with me every step of the way.  When an issue came up, she was quick to do everything in her power to resolve it and I greatly appreciated her professionalism. Anna handled everything so that I didn't have to worry about it.  In a word:  she’s phenomenal!  I’m looking forward to working with Anna in the future and it’s a comfort to know that my next book will be in her wildly capable hands.  Look no further than RBTL Book Promotions!

 Jasmine Angell, author of YA Fantasy, Luminous

I have worked with several different tour companies, and while some of them have an expensive website and tour package prices to match it, Anna with RBTL Book Promotions has always provided consistent, timely and professional tour services at a price few if any can beat.  Stick with Anna , you can't go wrong.

~~~Travis Luedke Author of the Nightlife Series~~~

I write new adult under Ursula Sinclair and heard about RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions through word of mouth. I'm happy to say I'm glad I listened. Anna put together a fantastic blog tour for me to help get the word out about my latest work. She made the process easy and simple for me, which is what I was looking for. The promo banners she created for the tour were wonderful. It was a real pleasure working with Anna and being exposed to new blogs. And I would highly recommend RBTL and will use them again.

~~LaVerne Thompson aka Ursula Sinclair~~

The blog tour Anna at RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions prepared for my book, The One You Feed, was a lot of fun and a great experience. She put together a wonderful collection of tour hosts who were all equally pleasant to work with. Many were kind enough to re-post their reviews on Amazon when I requested it and all were very professional. Anna did an excellent job of getting me interview questions and guest post topics well ahead of the start of the tour and followed up with each tour host to make sure they had everything they needed for their tour dates.

Many Thanks! James Drummond

It was an absolute pleasure working with Anna from RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions. She was very professional and courteous, and responded to all my questions and concerns in a timely manner. She organized my review tour faster than I anticipated, and always kept a watchful eye on all my stops. Her tour hosts really helped gain my book, The Howling Heart, more exposure, readers and most importantly...new fans! I would highly recommend any author to contact Anna for all their book promotional needs.

 ~~*~~April Bostic ~~*~~

   Anna from RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions is one of the most personable tour hosts I've encountered. She took the time to answer every question thoroughly and thoughtfully. She was also willing to personally Skype with me to talk over the tour itself. She places herself 100% into promoting your work. If it’s something she doesn't think she can do justice, she’ll literally not take your money and pass on the tour or package. She has a strong moral system and really believes in her authors; often reading the book herself and hand holding us sensitive types ;) Some tour companies, if they know you’re new, will take advantage of that fact. Use Anna first. She’ll tell you what you need and DO NOT NEED, so you don’t get taken advantage of.

~ F.M. Sherrill Author of Ivory ~

My name is S.R. McKade and I’m the author of Holding Out For Skye. Anna @RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions recently hosted the blog tour for my book and all I can say is that she did a great job! This was my first blog tour and she was courteous and patient with all the questions I had. She was really great and all the communications we had were prompt and very helpful.
Anna’s spunky and fun and she made this new experience for me as smooth as possible. I had a great time checking out all the blogs in my blog tour. She made sure the tour was perfectly coordinated and that the posts were up on the days they were supposed to be as per the tour schedule.
I would definitely recommend Blog Tours by RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions to every author. Anna is very efficient, talented and detail-oriented. She dots all the ‘i’s and crosses all the ‘t’s. Plus, she reaches out to all the available networks out there to promote your book, for example, twitter, facebook etc. She doesn't leave any stone unturned. She does an amazing job and she cares about all the authors and her tour hosts. I would definitely recommend others to go for her blog tour and follow her blog. Not to mention I absolutely love the look of her blog!
S.R. McKade

"As a blogger, I absolutely love hosting for Read Between the Lines. Not only do I get introduced to many new authors with fabulous books, but Anna, the organizer, makes everything simple and easy for her hosts, including gentle and polite reminders if life gets in the way and you forget to post. Other tour companies and their organizers are not as nice in their reminders and can be outright rude, but Anna not only gives that professional personal touch to her clients, but is respectful and sweet towards her hosts as well! If you were to ask me who to host for, I'd say RBTL would be at the top of the list!"

~A_TiffyFit's Reading Corner~

'I would not hesitate to recommend Anna and RBTL Book Promotions. I found Anna to be helpful and knowledgeable where I was a novice to the world of Blog Touring. I had a great time and everything went off as planned due to Anna's impeccable organisational skills. Thank you very much for hosting me Anna.'

Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Author
☼ A.K. Michaels ☼

Anna @ RBTL Book Promotions is not only a pleasure to work with, but she at the top of her game. My book tour was exactly what I asked for and I couldn't be happier! Anna is amazing! You won't be disappointed. I plan on using RBTL for all my future book tours!!

» Becca C Smith«

Anna with RBTL Book Promotions is very efficient and easy to work with. She easily got me on a large number of sites that I would not have reached otherwise. Thank you, Anna, for your hard work!

New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author
~Shayla Black~

Anna from RBTL Book Promotions is equally efficient as she is professional and friendly.
Anna will go out her way to make this a fun and effortless journey for any author. Her passion for all things books and life shines true in all her efforts.

Carlyle Labuschagne ~ Author of The Broken Destiny Series~

RBTL Book Promotions took on the task of a blog tour for my latest release, Tartan Deadlines. Not the usual genre a lot of the blog hosts read, but they welcomed me anyway with glowing reviews.
The tour went off without a hitch and ran like clockwork. Very professionally run, and I will use them again shortly!

Jamie Salisbury

Anna @  RBTL Book Promotions coordinated a Book Trailer Blitz for me that was pain free and highly organized. RBTL  is highly efficient and delivers. We have a saying over her in the UK;  It does what it says on the tin!
What more do you want?

~ D C Farmer Author of the 400 lb gorilla ~

As an Indie Author, I have realized that this business is tough in its own right.   Anna @  RBTL Book Promotions is very organized, friendly and helpful when planning anything on her blog.  She made my first and second cover reveals run seamless. With her help getting the title and cover out there, I found lots of new fans and  enjoy connecting with them.  I also plan on using her for blog tours as well.

Diana Marie DuBois Author of the Voodoo Series

It has been a pleasure working with Anna.  Her honesty, promptness and professionalism are why I will continue to build a working relationship with her and RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions.  I met her over the internet by pure accident but now when I look back I realize now someone up above knew how much my book meant to me and knew I needed help and that I needed it fast!  Everything from the cover, converting, editing, and most importantly promoting it was something I didn’t have experience with and I wanted it done right.  I was trying to do it all myself which is great if you have the know-how and the connections which I lacked.  I was feeling over whelmed and then out of the blue I got a message from Anna, who was a complete stranger to me.  She was like, “Hun, you really need a new cover for your book!”  She was honest about it looking more like a poster than a book cover and she was right.  I knew I wanted to take my book as far as I could with self-publishing and Anna was a key to that.  Along with her connections and the advice she has given me I have no regrets.  I highly recommend her services.
My book, Chosen for Blood’s, book sales have flourished
-Author Tamela Maloney

This was my first tour with RBTL Book Promotions  and I will definitely be using Anna in the future! She does a fantastic job coordinating everything and even offers a media kit option- which is a huge help. Anna's rates, attention to detail and communication with me were fantastic. She's a real pro! I love RBTL Book Promotions!

~Rachel Rawlings~

RBTL Book Promotions have exceeded all my expectations in the best way possible! I guess each author/press seek something different on a book tour service. However, I think that the most important thing is to connect my books with readers. RBTL Book Promotions had my book in blogs which were a perfect match, and this way my story was and is still being discovered by readers who enjoy the kind of work I do.

All tour stops were up on the scheduled days, everything went pretty neat and well-organized, freeing me from any worries. On top of that, I got lucky some of the tour hosts took of their precious time to review my book. And I also had response in sales.

"I have worked with RBTL and Anna before. On our first blog tour, everything went on very smooth, very organized and free of worries. Anna also found blogs who matched the style of my book, making it easier for readers to connect with it. Now I am working with RBTL once more on two titles, and not only Anna keeps everything going smooth and free of worries as on the first time, but she always take care of extra details which make all the difference. She is really preoccupied in taking care of your book marketing the best way possible! :)"

Anna has been working with me since the beginning, when I first published “The Night of Elisa” a couple of years ago. I owe much of my author brand growth to her excellent works. We have done Blog Tours, Cover Reveal's, and even Blitz's and even a selection of Beta Readers which is our newest endeavor for my upcoming Gothic/Paranormal novel “As Cold As Thorns”. I like working with Anna and RBTL Book Promotions because of the personal touch they offer as they cover my author needs. Very well recommended!

I recommend RBTL Book Promotions for those who want a great service and their books discovered by a target audience.

Isis Sousa | Tragic Books

Working with Anna @  RBTL Book Promotions has been a pleasure. She's on top of things from the start. Within hours of discussing and planning a review tour, Anna had already begun the task of finding interested reviewers. In no time at all she had an either line up scheduled almost two months in advance. Always one step ahead she had a a media package ready and waiting for the tour to start. Her hosts are just as amazing as she is. Always courteous, professional and honest. I can honestly say I've never been so pleased to get a three star review. As I type, I'm planning the next tour. Her prices are great, her services are fantastic and the results have far surpassed my expectations.

Dawn Kirby~ Serenity Series

I read about RBTL (Read Between the Lines) Book Promotions on author Lindsay Buroker's blog, where she listed several sites that hosted blog tours for indie writers.  Being an indie author of epic fantasy in search of a blog tour service, I investigated the blogs that specialized in the fantasy genre and after looking at RBTL's quality website, decided to contact Anna Marie.  Being a typical newbie, I had long passed the requested 6-8 weeks notice for setting up a tour, yet I asked anyway.  To my surprise, Anna Marie offered to start my tour in 3 weeks, which worked perfectly for my already-set release date for Crimson & Cream.

The tour preparation instructions provided by RBTL were comprehensive and easy to follow.  Anna Marie was friendly and professional throughout the process, politely answering my novice questions and keeping me in the loop as the blog tour commenced. I plan to use RBTL for my next book release blog tour and would recommend Anna Marie's competitively-priced service to other authors as well.

~~C.M. Skiera Author of Crimson & Cream ~~

"After a series of disorganized, disappointing book tours from other providers, I decided to give Anna at RBTL Book Promotions a chance before I gave up on touring altogether. I was sent her way by another blogger and friend, and I'm so glad I contacted her! My release day blast and tour exceeded the sad expectations I'd come to have, and I was completely blown away. From the moment I contacted her, Anna was super-communicative, exceptionally organized, and 100% thorough. She took time to walk me through the entire process before she saw a single dime, learning about the specific needs I had for my tour and listening to my concerns. Her professionalism and open communication continued on through the time leading up to the tour, and through the entirety of the tour itself. She answered any and all questions I had, talked me down from my OMG I CAN'T DO THIS flailing when I got overwhelmed, and made sure everything went up when and where it was supposed to. I really can't say enough about Anna and RBTL tours. She restored my faith in touring and gained me new, dedicated readers for her wonderful efforts. You can be sure I'll be contacting her for all of my PR needs in the future!”

Thanks again for all your hard work!

~~Starla Huchton AKA S.A. Huchton ~~

RBTL Book Promotions is a wonderful blog tour company that fits with every budget type.  Not only are the prices superb, but I felt confident in knowing that all stops would run smoothly without any hiccup along the way.  Great experience for a blog tour beginner like me!

*~Christina Escamilla~*

After booking my first ever double/series book tour with RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions for my Blood Series re-release, I will definitely be coming back to promote with RBTL in the future.
Anna Marie -  founder and tour co-ordinator - is professional and so accommodating; she keeps you in the loop from start to finish, and the whole process, from booking to promoting, is straightforward, well organized, and stress free.
There are a variety of fabulous and affordable tour packages to cater your needs - and the graphics are just fabulous - but if you have something a little different in mind to advertise your release, well, Anna is more than happy to work something out with you. It was great to connect with new and potential readers due to the variety of wonderful tour hosts/bloggers who are signed up with RBTL, and the tour itself went smoothly and was well promoted.
So, I definitely recommend giving RBTL a try if you're looking to tour your next release.

*~*Elizabeth Morgan*~*

"When I asked Anna @ RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions to jump into a last-minute book launch she said yes, and boy did she jump in! Within a week she had an entire blog tour lined up for me--and with high quality blogs. The next time, with more lead-time, Anna put together a deluxe tour, at a bargain price. And now, once again, I sent out the SOS, and within a day she had a book blast for me. What can I say? She's the best!"
~~<3 Claudia H Long <3~~

'I ordered a one week package for 3-6 blog tour stops with RBTL Book Promotions, and Anna posted my book on eight blogs, and also her own. The blogs were relevant to my genre, arrived on time, and the features requested by the bloggers were interesting. The media kit was high quality, and I was very happy with the service, and the comprehensive way each book in my box set was described and featured. Thanks RBTL!'.

** T.P. Grish author of the Remus Rothwyn Chronicles **

"Working with RBTL Book Promotions was just wonderful; Anna Marie is a gem to work with and the banner she put together was gorgeous. The bloggers took the time to write beautifully descriptive reviews that touched on every aspect of my literary novel. These tours are just phenomenal."

~~Allie Burke, Bestselling Author of Violet Midnight~~

My experience in working with Anna @ RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions was phenomenal. I've done plenty of blog tours with different companies in the past and I decided to take a risk and work with Anna for the first time.Not only was she professional, she was courteous and she devoted her time in making sure that my blog tour went on smoothly.
I really enjoyed working with her and I hope to work with her again in the near future.

~~~Isaiyan Morrison Author of Deamhan Chronicles~~~

Anna @ RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions put together a well rounded, interesting blog tour across a wide variety of sites that kept my book in front of potential readers for the entire two week duration.  I plan to use RBTL (Read Between The Lines)Book Promotions for multiple future blog tours and have already schedule two more.

~~~ Best Selling Author Andrew Grey ~~~

I loved working with RBTL (Read Between The Lines) Book Promotions. Three days before Christmas, I emailed Anna in a panic asking her to set up a blog tour. She took the time to set up a great last minute blog tour- all over a holiday!  I've worked with several blog tour companies before, and I loved that RBTL gave me a schedule, a media kit and all information I needed in a timely manner. They were also on the ball each posting day to ensure the posts were up on the correct blogs. I highly recommend RBTL.

-Lynne Silver-

My name is Isaiyan Morrison. I’m a paranormal author of The Deamhan Chronicles.

I’ve participated in several book tours with other novels and I have to say, that nothing compared to working with Anna and RBTL Book Promotions.

I found Anna to be understanding, patient, and willing to work with me when it came to booking my tour and communicating with blogs. She kept me updated every step of the way on my tour’s progress. Unlike other tour hosts, she understood the difficulties that I had and worked hard to make sure that my experience was a great one.

I highly recommend her services for any author of any genre.

Isaiyan Morrison

     My name is B Truly, author of The Sonar Series. It has been a pleasure to work with Ms. Anna Marie. I look forward to working with her for future tour. Ms. Anna is very efficient and keeps you up to date with the progress of your tour. She has so many variety's of tours to choose from. She also can work with you to make your tour unique. I had a great experience working with Ms. Anna, and I highly recommend her to any author looking to promote your novel.

**~~B Truly~~**

Testimonial for Anna and Read Between the Lines & RBTL Book Promotions:
Anna was a joy to work with for the release of my debut novel.  A mutual friend recommended her, and from the day I reached out to Anna for help, she was there every step of the way.  On short notice, she had a 14-day blog tour set up, as well as a cover reveal.  She had everything organized and ready to go, and checked in with me frequently to make sure I didn’t have any questions or concerns.  Anna is very detailed oriented and makes sure she has everything the way you want it before moving forward.  For a new author, she was an absolute god-send.  She was full of helpful advice and suggestions, but I had absolute control over it all.  Would I use her again for a release and cover reveal? You’d better believe it!

♠ Kelli Heneghan ♠

I have been a blogger for about 4 years now as of June 20th. I have worked with Anna I believe for about 2 years being a tour host and helping out many wonderful authors. The thing that I like about Anna and her services as me being a blogger is that when I sign up to help out on tours the materials are already sent out with the email. That makes it so much more easier as I can have my post ready to go rather than wait to get the materials. She is pretty fast on responding to emails and if I am not able to get a hold of her via email I can always get a hold of her via facebook.

Autumn Nauling ~ Fallen Over Book Reviews

I'm a ManLove erotic romance author for Siren-BookStrand Publishing.  I'm happy to help other authors, which is why I created the Author Feature series on my blog.  I've hosted many authors and tour companies, including RBTL (Read Between the Lines) Book Promotions.

Anna, at RBTL, is a professional tour host who is a pleasure to work with.  Her brand and materials are always well organized and easy to use.  Communications between herself and tour hosts are well developed and through.  I look forward to continuing my support of RBTL. 

Andrew Jericho 

I have only been blogging since December 2013 and I started doing tours for Anna Dase at RBTL Book Promotions in June 2014. I obviously hadn't been blogging long when I started 'working' for her. I was in that time also doing tours for several other tour companies. She was the first and only tour coordinator or blogger who offered to help me when I was having trouble. She basically showed me the ropes and neat tricks to getting things done. 

I have also found since I have been doing this for a few years now that Anna @ RBTL Book Promotions' HTML Code's, her Media Kits and her invites are the best easiest for me to use. Her HTML's (when available) are never locked so I can move, change or switch around the content to suit me or my blog. Her Media Kit is included in EVERYTHING so I can build my post from the moment she invites me to the reminder email. It is an easy copy and paste format that is also not locked that I have no excuse not to have my post ready, but if something does happen that causes me to be late or not able to post I only need to let her know and she is understanding. Her invites are clear and concise and all in the email. The invite is all copy and paste, no google doc to deal with, but if that is what you want then she also has those available on her website. 

The Creative Post options are the best for this company. Anna  has a line of posts that are out of the box thinking and are so fun to do. Authors would enjoy them as well as hosts who really enjoy blogging. She is always on the look out for even more creative and fun posts. RBTL Book Promotions is one of my top tour companies to work with and I always sign up for something when the invite goes out. 
All The Best,

Mellena Driver
♦♦The Book Quarry♦♦ 

RBTL Book Promotions (Read Between the Lines) is excellent. I love working with  RBTL for book tours. Anna is so through and professional. Her media kits are always perfect. She includes HTML for easy posting, which is great for anyone who may not know how to or want to do their own DIY Post. She also includes all the graphics and information needed for creating your post for the tour.. Anna is friendly and helpful. I recommend her and RBTL to any author and/or blogger.
✽Jenny @ Fabulous and Fun ✽

I found Anna Dase at RBTL Book Promotions when I was trying to promote my first book, Fifty Shades Of Truth. As a “first time” author everything was new to me and I was a bit clueless to be honest. The thing that touched me, and stayed with me, was how patient and supportive Anna was in helping me understand how blog tours work. She gave her time very freely to all my silly questions, and let’s be honest, people running blog tours aren’t making a million dollars doing it, and their time is fairly precious.

So when it came time to promote my second book, A Dark Journey Into The Light, Anna was the first person I thought of. As I’ve worked more and more closely with Anna I’ve got to know her as a person and am no longer surprised at the way she gives her time. It’s simply a manifestation of the very caring person she is. And that’s the key to why working with Anna works so well.

It’s Anna’s caring nature that flows through all her processes, ensuring a smooth and trouble free tour. Her attention to the tour detail, and keeping me informed throughout, means I can relax. I was also very surprised when I realized Anna was organizing and running other tours as well as mine, simply because she always makes me feel I have 100% of her time. She’s always there.

Anna’s artwork for the tour is amazing. The images, the tone, and the words are all spot on, and make me feel like buying the book or signing up for a Giveaway myself! I’ll be sorry when the tour is over because I love working with her, but I feel I’ve also made a friend in the process. I am very happy to endorse my strong appreciation for Anna and can be contacted at lifeofjosef@gmail.com

Take care


Although I've only been working with RBTL for about 7 months now, I always look forward to new promotional opportunities presented by Anna. Her packets are complete and clean (no broken links, etc) and arrive with PLENTY of time to prepare. Her communication and accessibility is top-notch. I love that she's willing to provide services to the LGBT authors and community when so many others are hesitant.
I look forward to continuing to build a lasting relationship between her and I, RBTL and Happily Ever Chapter.

Tina J  @ Happily Ever Chapter

"Anna @ RBTL Book Promotions is a pleasure to work with--prompt, friendly, and organized. I ran tours for all three books in my USA Today bestselling Endgame trilogy with her."

~ NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Skye Warren ~

I went with RBTL Book Promotions for my first book and I've come back again for the second. Anna Marie really makes that extra effort to get your book out there. She's built up enough connections to make any blog tour a success. And her relationship with her tour hosts are exceptional, and that makes a big difference when it comes to your book.

Her banners are great and she's a wonderful reviewer.

Having RBTL Book Promotions as a blog tour operator has made my life a bit more stress free, knowing that my book is getting good exposure without me going frantic. I will certainly use them again (and again).

~~S.P. Aruna, author of the Girl within Girl Series~~

Ho conosciuto Anna per caso.
Debutterò sul mercato internazionale dei libri con un romanzo che ho adorato scrivere. Ho fatto delle ricerche per avere del supporto psicologico ma anche un aiuto materiale dalle varie blogger. Anna è stata la prima che ho contattato e anche una delle prime che mi ha risposto.
Ho adorato le sue parole di incoraggiamento, il suo ‘training’ psicologico e anche il suo entusiasmo. Sicuramente, consiglio il suo servizio a chiunque, anche perché il suo entusiasmo e la sua voglia di fare e di non lasciarsi mai andare mi ha stimolata. Solitamente sono una persona un po’ negativa, ma Anna con il suo ottimismo è riuscita ad aiutarmi in questa mia nuova avventura.
È un’ottima amica!!
Spero che sceglierete di lavorare con lei, perché non ve ne pentirete.
☆ Irene Colabianchi ☆

I met Anna by chance.
I will debut on the international book market with a novel that I have loved to write. I did some research to get some psychological support but also a material help from the various bloggers. Anna was the first one I contacted and also one of the first who answered me.
I loved her words of encouragement, her psychological 'training' and also her enthusiasm. Surely, I recommend her service to anyone, also because her enthusiasm and her desire to do and never to let go, stimulated me. I'm usually a bit of a negative person, but Anna with her optimism managed to help me with my new adventure.
She is a great friend !!
I hope you will choose to work with her, because you will not regret it.
☆Irene Colabianchi ☆

A blog tour unlike any other. When signing up to Anna's tours with RBTL Book Promotions, you can expect loyalty, passion and creativity. While doing blog post for my titles The Broken Destiny and Evanescent blog tours I was hit with the unexpected .. highly creative and fun experience coming from an author's point of view. I felt like a real celebrity during these virtual blog tours 🙂 and learned, and grew a lot in myself and my book characters developments grew from the process as well. Its a must. So If your looking for some extra exposure for your title new or old. Make Sure YOU Give RBTL Book Promotions a Chance. Anna is a Pleasure to work with. Anna offers excellent care and services at an affordable price.

★´´¯`✵ ✶ USA Today Bestselling Author, Carlyle Labuschagne  ★´´¯`✵ ✶

As a writer, it’s important to find the right blog tour host for my new releases. I’ve toured with other hosts in the past and my experience hasn’t been all that pleasing. That is, until I decided to do a new release blog tour with Anna. 

Anna is beyond savvy in the way she plans out and conducts her tours. She is very communicative and she provided me information daily about how the tour was proceeding. I was blown away by her professionalism and I will definitely tour with RBTL in the future.

Anna, thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Isaiyan Morrison (Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Author)

I have worked with Anna to organize my blog tours for over four years.  They work with me and design a great tour for each and every release.  I'm thrilled with her work and it's really helped build my reading audience.

⚣ Andrew Grey ⚣

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